The Story of the Consortium

The transformation of milk is very important in the economy of the province of Trento. Milk and its uses are a major component both of the agricultural economy and of the social and cultural traditions of our rural population.

1897. About 240 community dairies (unregistered companies) in Trento produced butter and low-fat cheeses.

1909 - 1918. The first dairy cooperatives came into being dotted around the province, as the legislation at the time granted state and provincial subsidies only to cooperative dairies incorporated in the form of cooperative consortia. Today, there are 18 dairy coops that collect and transform the milk from about one thousand farmers.

1951. The Trentino Dairy Coops and Milk Producers Consortium (CON.CA.S.T.) came into being as a second level consortium, grouping together all the dairy cooperatives in Trentino, to take on and deal with the common issues of the sector.

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