Casolét della Val di Sole


This is a typical mountain cheese with a soft raw paste, made from full-fat milk which is traditional in the val di Rabbi and the val di Sole. It used to be produced only in the autumn, when the herds had already come down from the Alpine pastures, the cows were dry and there were few daily milkings: it was the “house” cheese par excellence, the cheese to be eaten in the family in the winter. ?Its name is Latin in origin: it comes from “caseolus” meaning small cheese and the most traditional cheeses are still about 10 cms. high today, and 10 centimetres in diameter for a total of about just one kilo in weight. As is often the case in artisanal production, there is no precise standard for production or dimension, and at times, the cheeses are larger, up to 2 or 3 kilos. This was also the case in the past, because the milk was used that was available each day: according to the amounts, the cheeses varied in size. This cheese is generally eaten fresh or semi-cured.

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