Vezzena del Trentino


Vezzena, since time immemorial, has been produced on the plateaux of Lavarone, Folgaria, in Vallagarina and Valsugana. It is a cheese of age-old fame thanks to its exquisite flavour and because it can be served on the table and grated. Before the First World War, in Trentino, Vezzena was practically the only cheese added to dishes. The production then was modest, as was the consumption of grated cheese because pasta, a typical dish in Italian cooking, was not very common in old Trentino cuisine. Vezzena was grated on to soups or minestrone, on to canederli (small dumplings) or other dishes of those times. After the war and annexation to Italy, pasta became increasingly popular in Trentino as well and with it Grana rather than Vezzena, because the production of this cheese had practically disappeared, due to the fact that the pastures and the alpine grazing areas transformed into battle areas had been largely destroyed by bombings. The production of Vezzena also spread to other grazing areas in Valsugana and Vallagarina.

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