Affogato di Sabbionara


Affogato all'Enantio made by the Dairy Cooperative of the same name, is the result of the union of two local products which have always belonged to the Lower Vallagarina: the local cheese and local cheese from the alpine pastures in particular, with Enantio Terra dei Forti wine. It is made by soaking the cheese in the wine for a period of 15-20 days, keeping it at a constant temperature of above 25C. The cheeses have to be turned over daily to allow them to absorb the wine evenly. At the end of the process, the rind is opaque and purplish, with a delicate fruity scent that rejuvenates and improves the cheese, the paste takes on a particular softness and also takes on a fruity and aromatic smell, with a strong flavour which can become slightly sharp with the continuation of curing

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