Mezzano Trentino


The Mezzano Trentino cheese undergoes a shorter aging time (four to eight months) as compare as the well-aged Vezzena one which the period exceeds up to 12 months. It's called of "high mountain" because it's produced in the valleys of Val di Fiemme and Primiero (Predazzo, Cavalese and Primiero) at an altitude of around 1000 mt. This kind of cheese has created its own local market, as a tasty cheese to accompany any meals, less strong and spicy than Vezzena. The decision to produce this cheese comes from the need to have a product of high mountain accessible to consumer who loves sweet tasty and not too challenging (spicy) as it might be the Vezzena. During aging the cheeses are brushed with steel brushes and then anointed crusted with linseed oil. This is done every 15 days to strengthen the crust and at the same time allowing the dough to remain soft and sweet inside and form the scattered holes.

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