Tosela di Primiero


Tosèla has always been made in the area of Primiero, on the farms where the farmers had small amounts of milk that were not enough to make other cheeses. Later it was produced in the cowherds’ huts and in the dairies at the bottom of the valleys, in other parts of Trentino and in neighbouring Veneto as well. Quality Tosèla is characterized by the freshness and the characteristics of the good milk from the Alpine valleys, such as that of Primiero. Farm B&Bs, restaurants, the small cafés in the Alpine meadows, especially in this area, also unfailingly offer Tosèla, which is used to make a local dish. It is cut into slices of about one centimetres, salted and fried in a thick-bottomed pan in melted butter for a few minutes. They are browned over a low heat and then turned over and the lid is put on the pan. When the slices are golden brown, they are served with hot or toasted polenta.

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