Puzzone di Moena


There are elements to prove that a local Fassa cheese, characterized in particular by a creamy rind and a paste with an accentuated odour and aroma, was produced many years ago at the community dairies and in farmhouses, in particular in Val di Fassa, but also in some dairies in Val di Fiemme. It was a cheese with an accentuated taste and flavour which went a long way on the table of the poor peasants in the past: a small amount gave great flavour to a dish. Washing the cheeses with warm water, in certain cases to which some salt had been added, created a practically waterproof surface layer which fostered anaerobic fermentation on the inside, forming the characteristic smell and aroma of this cheese. Puzzone di Moena or Spretz Tsaorì, which means “tasty cheese” in Ladino, is certainly one of the most highly appreciated cheeses by connoisseurs and consumers looking for healthy and flavoursome products with a strong personality.

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